About Us

Cypress County is a large rural municipality in southeastern Alberta.  There are three provincial highways crossing the County, including Highway 1 (TransCanada), Highway 3 (Crowsnest) and Highway 41 (Buffalo Trail).  Farming and ranching is the predominant activity throughout the area, but oil and gas activity is very noticeable in the rural areas.

Various forms of governance have existed in this area since settlement began in the late 1800's. The Past provides history on the changes, including a brief view of life in pioneer days.  The Present shows where the County is at today and The Future shows how partnering with various agencies will keep the County vibrant and continue to be a place where our Communities will prosper.

Council approved a mission statement on June 16, 2009 to keep focused on what they believe is best for the County.

Cypress County Mission Statement
By providing leadership, fair and equitable governance, Cypress County will strive to encourage a rural lifestyle and retain its agricultural character. Within that primary mission, the County will strive to provide municipal services to agriculture, hamlet, industrial, commercial, and residential development, so long as such development will be a positive contribution to the financial and/or social well being of the municipality.

1) Provide assistance to accommodate economic growth and sustainability.
2) Support hamlets in providing a safe and friendly environment to live in.
3) Through the Agricultural Service Board, provide assistance, information, and support to the agriculture community.