Approved Development Permits


Permitted Uses - For Information Only:

17/116    NE 32-12-3-W4 Use Approved: Placement of two permanent grain bins. Date Issued: June 27, 2017
17/118    Plan 1311729 Block 2 Lot 4 (30, 12320 Rge Rd 72) Use Approved: Construct residence with attached garage and covered patio. Date Issued: June 27, 2017
17/119    Plan 1313358 Block 1 Lot 1 (10413 Eagle Butte Road) Use Approved: Construct house addition. Date Issued: June 27, 2017

Note: No appeal is available for the issuance of a development permit for a permitted use unless the provisions of the land use bylaws have been relaxed, varied or misinterpreted.

Discretionary Uses:

17/109     NE 35-11-5-W4 Use Approved: Erect advertising sign with conditions. Date Issued: June 27, 2017
17/117     Plan 8711569 Block 27 Lot 41 (126 Ronald Avenue, Suffield) Use Approved: Home Occupation - Office Use Only - General Sub Contractor with conditions. Date Issued: June 27, 2017
17/120     Plan 0814331 Block 2 Lot 13 (2039 Bullshead Road, Dunmore) Use Approved: Utilize existing building for Dunmore Fire Hall with conditions. Date Issued: June 27, 2017


Development Permit does not take effect until fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice.

Any person affected by a development permit for a Discretionary Use may appeal the deicision in writing stating reasons for the appeal. The appeal shall be delivered either personally or by mail to the Cypress County office, no later than 14 days following the date of this notice to Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. There is a $125.00 fee for the first appeal recieved on an application.

Development Officer