Community Services

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Quality of life is important in a community.  To ensure residents can have comfort in a safe and caring community, a number of programs have been implemented by council.  In addition to these programs, a Citizen of the Year is recognized annually, as nominated by residents, and scholarships awarded to students entering a post secondary education program.

Bylaw Enforcement
Bylaws are enforced by Community Peace Officer Anna Mast.  Part of this job is to “keep the peace” between neighbors, by ensuring the Unsightly Property, Dog Control and Noise bylaws are being followed.  Monitoring speed on County roads and enforcing other bylaws and provincial laws is also part of the job.  Summary reports of enforcement may be of interest or the commonly referenced bylaws can be viewed in the Bylaw Library.

As an enhanced level of policing, an RCMP officer is provided to and funded by Cypress County.  The intent is to encourage compliance in all areas of public safety through a balanced approach of education, assistance and enforcement.

Family Support
Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) are locally driven preventative social initiatives that enhance the well being of children, families, individuals and communities.  We partner with a number of local agencies to provide counseling and skill building to students, adults and families.  This includes McMan Youth, Family & Community Services, Medicine Hat Family Services, and the family school liaison workers in the Prairie Rose School Division. A general overview of FCSS programs can be seen on a provincial association video.

Special transportation services, in cooperation with Deluxe Central Taxi, are available to those persons with special needs who are unable to drive themselves. Once approved, the resident can get to and from their County home and Medicine Hat or Redcliff for a 50 – 50 cost share.

The Cypress View Foundation provides supportive social housing for low to moderate-income seniors.  The County, the Town of Redcliff and the City of Medicine Hat operate this non-profit organization to provide affordable senior housing and corresponding services, for those in greatest need, in an efficient, effective and caring manner.

Shortgrass Library System is important to the County to provide access to library materials in the region and from across the province.  Access to books, DVD's', video conferencing and electronic resources is there to help keep residents connected to leading edge information.

Recreation, Culture & Summer Games
Most programs in this quality-of-life category in the County are handled by not-for-profit community associations.  There are community halls located throughout the district, most of them in hamlets.  They typically have an adjacent park with a playground.  The local association members decide on the activities and programs that will take place.  Specific facilities include tennis courts, curling rinks, arenas, outdoor skating rinks, ball diamonds, rodeo grounds, a bowling alley and a museum.

For athletics, there is always a Cypress/Redcliff team of youth and families participating in the  Southern Alberta Summer Games each July.  These grassroots games, focused more on friendly competition and individual challenge than on winning, are run by the Southern Alberta Recreation Association (SARA). This year we sent 62 participants in 14 different events, which included two soccer teams! Team Cypress brought home 48 medals and a total of 788.5 points, which was good enough for 9th place in the overall standings.  Pictures of the 2015 games can be viewed on the Team Cypress Flikr page.

For the more serious athlete, some financial assistance may be available from the Athlete Development Fund for involvement in Provincial, National or International competitions. Policy Rec 1 has the details.