Richard Oster Reeve - Ward 7, Seven Persons North/Desert Blume 403.529.7025
Darcy Geigle Deputy Reeve - Ward 2, Irvine.Walsh 403.834.2244,  403.928.5256
Dan Hamilton Councillor - Ward 5, Dunmore/Veinerville 403.952.1856
Garry Lentz Councillor - Ward 4, Longfellow 403.527.0378,  403.548.1039
Ernest Mudie Councillor - Ward 3, Elkwater 403.893.2262,  403.878.7704
Alf Belyea Councillor- Ward 9, Jenner/Suffield - to be sworn in Dec.2, 2014 403.544.3791
LeRay Pahl Councillor - Ward 8, Redcliff/Hwy 523 North 403.548.6626,  403.580.9906
Art Squire Councillor - Ward 1, Hilda/Schuler 403.839.3942,  403.502.2154
Dustin Vossler Councillor - Ward 6, Black & White/Seven Persons 403.502.1834



Administration & Community Services

Kevin Miner CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)
Doug Henderson Assistant CAO
Roxanne Russell Treasurer
Julie Hala Payroll & Human Resources Administrative Assistant
Rebecca Schutte Accounts Payable/Receivable Administrative Assistant
LesleyAnn Collins Reception Administrative Assistant
Anna Mast Peace Officer
Joel Wright Health & Safety Officer







Agricultural Services

Jason Storch Agricultural Fieldman
Lisa Monkman Assistant Agricultural Fieldman



Assessment Services

Dan Hatch Municipal Assessor
Steven Toews Assistant Assessor
Colleen Stock Assessment Administrative Assistant




Emergency and Purchasing Services

Dennis Mann Purchasing Manager/Emergency Services Chief
Tisha Clark Purchasing Assistant
Jeff Gyug General Stores Clerk




Planning and Development Services

Jeffrey Dowling Planner
Pam Pirsch Development Officer
Kristina Hoefman Planning Administrative Assistant
Dale Kessler GIS Technician
Dean Kapcala Municipal Infrastructure Technician





Public Works and Utilities Services

Glen Mattson Acting Public Works Supervisor
Doran Jensen Utilities Supervisor
Trish Smithdorf Public Works & Utilities Administrative Assistant




Fleet Maintenance Services

Greg Sjolie Mechanic Foreman