Election 2017

The next Municipal Election will be held on:
Monday, October 16, 2017 -  10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

There will be an election in the following wards:

Ward 1 - Hilda Schuler
Michelle McKenzie, Shirley Roy & Arthur Squire (incumbent)

Ward 4 - Longfellow
Robin Kurpjuweit & Garry Lentz (incumbent)

Ward 7 - Seven Persons North/Desert Blume
Garry Procter & Richard Oster (incumbent)

Ward 8 - Redcliff/Hwy 523 North
Shane Hok & LeRay Pahl (incumbent)

The following Councillors are in by acclamation:
Ward 2 - Irvine /Walsh - Darcy Geigle
Ward 3 - Elkwater - Ernest Mudie
Ward 5 - Dunmore Veinerville - Dan Hamilton
Ward 6 - Seven Persons/Black & White Trail - Dustin Vossler
Ward 9 - Jenner/Suffield - Alf Belyea

Voting stations will be located at:

1 Community Hall Hilda 114 2nd Avenue
1 Curling Rink Schuler 17 3rd Street West
4 Cypress County Office Dunmore 816 2nd Avenue
7 Community Hall Seven Persons 426 Drinnan Street
7 Golf Course Club House Desert Blume 107 Club House Drive
8 Senior Citizen Drop in Centre Redcliff 26 Main Street South
8 Golf Course Club House Desert Blume 107 Club House Drive

In order to vote YOU MUST PRODUCE IDENTIFICATION for inspection.


What Ward do I live in?
Electoral Ward Map
Detailed Electoral Ward Maps (at bottom of page)

What is the population of each ward?
Population by Ward

What are the total taxes collected from each ward?
Taxes received by Ward

What is a Councillor's pay starting October 24?
Council Remuneration