Fire Services
Cypress County provides fire/rescue services to the entire county.  Fire halls are located in the hamlets of  Jenner, Hilda, Irvine, Onefour, Town of Redcliff (Box Springs), Schuler, Seven Persons, and Walsh.  In addition, the County also has fire trucks located in CFB Suffield, Cypress Hills Provincial Park Elkwater, and in the City of Medicine Hat.

The mission of Cypress County Fire/Rescue Services is to protect lives, property and the environment through quality emergency response and community involvement. This mission will be achieved by career and volunteer Professionals committed to excellence and dedicated to service in Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Co-Response Services, Fire Suppression, Hazardous Materials, and Natural Disaster response.  City of Medicine Hat and CFB Suffield are the only 24 hr departments serving the County.  An agreement is in place with the City of Medicine Hat to provide supplemental and specialty services throughout the entire County.