County welcomes new Director of Public Works

  Curtis Richter from Kimberley, B.C had his first day on Feb. 2, and attended the Cypress County council meeting on Feb. 3, having a first busy week filling his new position for Director of Public Works.

  He began with the City of Kimberley in 1990 in the parks and recreation department, later moving up to operations where he ran heavy equipment. He then spent 10 years in the utilities department. He is an Operator 2 in waste water collection, water distribution, which he took in the EOCP program, which is the Environmental Operators Certification Program.

  Richter said he has definitely been around the block, and has had many other experiences as well, lending greatly to his position. He was a paramedic for seven years as a part time and was on the call ranks with the fire department for 15 years. Back in 2010, he became a supervisor of roads and solid waste, and was with City of Kimberley short of 25 years.

  He moved to Cypress County last week for one last change. “I wanted to make one more leap in my career before retirement,” he said.

  Richter will bring his knowledge and experience to his position and can’t wait to continue. “So far, I’m really enjoying it. I’m very excited; it’s a great adventure. My wife has been 100 percent supportive on the whole thing. Everything’s been very positive.”

  Curtis replaces Rick Bleau who retired in December after thirty years of service to the County.

Article Written by: Carlie Connolly (Forty Mile Commentator)