Eagleridge Truck Fill Station is Now Operational

February 4 update:

The repairs are complete and the Truck fill station is back in service. 

January 19 update:

Repairs to the pump are expected to be complete by the end of next week.  

December 22 update:
The pump from the truck fill station has been pulled and has been sent away for a repair under warranty. It will most likely not be back until after the Christmas holidays.

December 14 update:

The Eagleridge truck fill station in Dunmore is still off-line. Crews are working to get it back up and running, but still expect it to be a week or two before its fixed.


The Eagleridge truck fill station is currently not operational due to electrical issues. If you are in need of water, alternative locations are the CO-OP cardlock fuel station on 30th Street in Medicine Hat or at the new truck fill station in Irvine. Repairs may take up to two weeks. Please check back for updates.