Citizen Engagement Invited

Public Member Appointments to County Boards, Commissions and Committees

Cypress County Council will be making citizen appointments to various Boards, Commissions and Committees.  Representation from the general public is a requirement and Council encourages citizens to apply for the following positions to provide input into County programs and services.  Council reviews appointments annually. 

Agricultural Service Board (ASB) - 2 positions
Advisory body and assists Council and the Minister of Ag in matters of mutual concern; promotes and develops agricultural policies to meet the needs of the municipality (programs to maintain and improve agricultural production), advise on weed and pest control and soil and water conservation programs; 8 to 10 meetings per year usually on 4th Tuesday at 10:30 am; 1 day-long Regional Conference late Oct; 1 four-day long Provincial Conference end of January

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) - 2 positions
Advises and assists Council with regards to planning and development matters; is the Development Authority and the Subdivision Authority; considers and decides on applications for subdivision, and development permits where discretionary powers are needed to implement conditions; 11-12 meetings per year on
2nd Tuesday at 10:30 am.  

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) - 4 positions
Holds meetings to hear appeals of decisions, orders or development permits of the Development or Subdivision Authority (Dev Officer, MPC); meets as needed, typically less than half dozen times each year.

Economic Development Alliance of SE Alberta (EDA) - 1 position
The EDA is a not-for-profit organization representing the economic development interests of the Town of Redcliff, Cypress County, Town of Bow Island and County of Forty Mile; provides relevant industry knowledge and support to companies in four key sectors: Agriculture and greenhouses, Advanced technology and manufacturing, Energy including  renewables, Tourism; 10 meetings per year.

Fire Services Board (FSB) - 2 positions
The Board will recommend a plan to Council to establish the governance for all fire service activities within Cypress County. 4 meetings per year.

Assessment Review Board (ARB)  - 3 positions
Part of the assessment appeal process. The three board members hear complaints and deliver decisions on matters relating to assessment (LARB = residential or farmland; CARB = all other properties and machinery/equipment). Complaints about tax amount and tax rates are not heard; 1 - 5 appeals per year; required courses are Administrative Law II and the Principles of Assessment.

Municipal Library Board - 3 positions
The Board will recommend a service plan to Council for library services throughout the County. 8-10 meetings per year.  

Your application should include a brief resume stating background, experience and reasons for applying.  Contact LesleyAnn Collins at 403.526.2888 for further information.  

Forward Application to:

Cypress County       
816 - 2nd Avenue
Dunmore AB  T1B 0K3

**Deadline for Applications is 4:30 P.M. Tuesday October 17, 2017.