Project - MDP & LUB Review

Cypress County, along with it's consultant, V3 Companies of Canada, is in the process of reviewing and amending the Municipal Development Plan (Bylaw 2015/26 as amended) and the Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw 2018/04 as amended) to make both documents consistent, clearer, and easier to use.
The Municipal Development Plan (commonly referred to as the MDP) is a long-range planning document that establishes the long-term land use policies for growth and development within the County and helps guide Council decision-making on community and infrastructure investments in the future.
The Land Use Bylaw (commonly referred to as the LUB) is a regulatory planning document that establishes the rules and regulations for land use and development as well as the process of making decisions for development permit and subdivision applications within Cypress County, effectively acting as the "rule book” for what can and cannot occur on a parcel of land.

Draft MDP & LUB

The draft versions of the new MDP and LUB can be found in the document list below. Feedback can be provided on these at the upcoming engagement sessions on August 25 & 26.

For more project information please see the documents below.


You are invited to come and discuss the MDP and the LUB with the project team:

In-person engagement sessions (held at the County Office, 816 – 2nd Avenue, Dunmore):
  • Wednesday, August 25th, 6 PM – 9 PM - by registration only
  • Thursday, August 26th, 9 AM – 2 PM - by registration only
Appointment times for in-person engagement sessions are by registration only. For more information, or to register, email or call Kaylene Simpson, Planning Supervisor at or (403) 526-2888.

Recording of Virtual Information session (June 14):

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