Cypress County is a municipal government with an elected nine-member Council and a staff of 56.

The Council determines the bylaws, policies and services that they believe will best serve the area.  Funding comes primarily from property taxes with all property assessed on a five year cycle.  The annual budget sets out the plan for providing the services for area residents and businesses, including capital expenditures, which are heavily dependent on grants from the Provincial government.

Staff implement the policies of Council and the Organizational Chart shows how duties are divided up. In order to maintain and improve service to the public, Council had an Organizational Review completed in October, 2014, to analyze the structure and staffing of Cypress County.  Based on their municipal experience, GCS Consulting made recommendations to Council and the immediate result was the approval of 4.5 new staff positions - an Executive Assistant, IT Technician, Utilities Operator, Corporate Services Director and half-time Human Resources Coordinator. A half-time Deputy Fire Chief was also added.

A new reporting structure was also recommended, to ensure consistent operating principles so the management team could carry out Council’s strategic direction. On June 16, 2015, Council approved the new arrangement. For more details, feel free to review the Organizational Review Report.

In the interest of open and accountable government, County Council uses this website as an important tool for sharing information.  Meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed in the Minutes & Agendas page. Bylaws, policies, etc, can be viewed in the Documents page.