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Cypress County provides a variety of services for the general public.  The philosophy of Council is to provide essential services and let the private sector provide any enhanced services.  The Org Chart shows how responsibilities are allocated to various service areas.

Agricultural Services - Agricultural Service Board Programs, primarily for farmers and ranchers, including weed control, pest (rat) inspections, roadside spraying, equipment rentals, environmental programs, new technology demonstrations.
Assessment - Property Assessment is the process of appraising and assigning a dollar value to property for taxation purposes.
Bylaw Services - Information on services provided by Cypress County on bylaw enforcement.
Community Services - Recreation Board programs, supporting many volunteer groups that operate recreational and cultural facilities, preventative social services contractors, sports (mainly summer games), dog control, unsightly property cleanups, and campgrounds.
Development - Ensuring properties are developed and buildings erected according to Council bylaws, so conflicts are kept to a minimum. 

Emergency Management - With a well prepared Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) and Regional Emergency Management Plan (REMP), the county is prepared to respond to both natural and human -induced hazards and disasters.

Fire Services - There are nine volunteer fire stations in Cypress County.

Planning - Looking at the big picture into the future, to see the best use of land and infrastructure needs of new development.

Roads - Maintenance and construction of all roads are under County control, including ditches, road approaches, bridges, and culverts.
Tax - Information regarding tax including dates.

Waste and Recycling - Maintenance and operation of eight solid waste transfer stations, and participation in Redcliff Cypress Regional Landfill.

Water & Sewer - Maintenance and operation of all water treatment facilities, lines, & reservoirs to ensure high quality potable water.