The county recognizes contributions from all citizens make up our tremendous community. From small acts to massive undertakings, there is a huge variety in the way these contributions manifest themselves.

We routinely celebrate both families and individuals who consistently make positive differences.

See below for lists of past winners.

Citizen/Young Citizen of the Year

These awards have been established to recognize individuals who display continued dedication and perseverance to a cause or causes that have ultimately benefited the citizens of Cypress County and the public at large.

Award recipients will be recognized at the Community & Volunteer Appreciation BBQ June 7 at Sunrise Park in Dunmore. Tickets to the event are no longer available.

Farm Family Award Winners 

2022Gord and Patti Forbes
2021No nominations due to COVID-19
2020Jim and Cheryl Dick
2019Cash Cattle Co. (Arlin, Connie, Blaine, and Nolan)
2018Keith and Kody Traxel
2017Laverne Gill Family
2016Mark and Nicole Neubauer
2015Trevor and Janet Biemens
2014Herb and Matilda, Gerald and Dallas, Keith and Kim Weiss
2012Norman and Jean Bauer
2011 n/a
2007Gary Franz
2006Geoff and Melanie Watson
2005Biemans Family Farm
2004Gene and Pam Ehret
2003Jonathan and Arlene Aberle
2002Orville and Judy Yanke
2001Vern and Vivienne Pancoast
2000Shortgrass Ranches
1998 Brian, Betty and Andy Kirschenman
1997 Barry and Sandy Schorr
1996Keith and Ronda Reesor

Citizen of the Year (Cypress Courier/county council) 

2021 N/A
2020 N/A
2019 George Russill
2018 Nichole Neubauer
2017 Diane Good
2016 Leanne Dulle
2015 Don Wong
2014 Gary & Elaine Lehr 
2013 Arvid & Evonne Kurpjuweit 
2012 Leslie Nemeth 
2011 David & Pat Dennis 
2010 Darlene Doane 
2009 Bill Matuska 
2008  N/A
2007 Charmaine Wood 
2006 Emmy Reesor 
2005 Wilbur (Tub) Boettcher
2004 Sandy Fahlman 
2003 Emma Kajewski
2002 N/A
2001 Marion Haas 
2000 Antonia Herman 
1999 Susan Martin-Hudec 
1998 Joyce Veale 
1997 Shirley Rassmussen
1996 Lorraine Mauch
1995 Joann Paul
1994 Sharon Good
1993 Myrna Bushell
1992 Bob Thompson 
1991 Kathy Krause
1990 Memory Myers
1989 Ruth Stuber