Bylaw Services

Bylaw enforcement
Cypress County Bylaw VehicleBylaws are enforced by Community Peace Officer Anna Mast. Part of this job is to "keep the peace" between neighbours, by ensuring the Responsible Dog Ownership, Unsightly Property, and Noise Bylaws are being followed. Monitoring speed on county roads and enforcing other bylaws and provincial laws is also part of the job.  

As an enhanced level of policing, an RCMP officer is provided and funded by Cypress County. The intent is to encourage compliance in all areas of public safety through a balanced approach of education, assistance and enforcement. A review of community policing was completed in January of 2017. To view the final report and recommendations click here.  

Responsible dog ownership
Dog in hay pileCypress County promotes responsible dog ownership through educating the public and enforcing the Responsible Dog Ownership bylaw. All dogs in the county over three months old need a valid dog licence. Licences are valid for the life of the dog and are free of charge.

You may also bring or mail a completed printed form to the county office in Dunmore. Dogs at large are considered at large when they are not under the restraint, care and control of their owner. Dog owners must keep control of their dog when off their property in both rural and urban areas.  

To report a lost or found pet please call the county bylaw officer. The Medicine Hat SPCA no longer provides pound services and only accepts owner relinquished pets.   

Unsightly property
The Unsightly Property bylaw applies to properties that do not meet general condition and state of tidiness of the surrounding area. Factors that may be considered in determining if a property is unsightly are outlined in Schedule A and Schedule B of the bylaw.  

Noise control
The Noise Control bylaw assists in promoting the health and welfare of people by minimizing or eliminating objectionable noise between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. The Noise Control bylaw only applies within the hamlets of Cypress County. 
Please see below for a list of Cypress County bylaws.
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