Please review all the health measures detailed at:

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, please visit the Government of Canada and Government of Alberta websites. 
Workplace Guidance for Business Owners
The government has developed a website to support businesses.  
Public Attendance at Council Meetings
Meetings are streamed live to our YouTube channel and Zoom is available for those participating in the meetings.

Go for Groceries Program

In the spirit of "flattening the curve” during the COVID-19 Pandemic, preventative strategies such as self isolating and social distancing by minimizing personal contact with individuals are being recommended by Canada’s Chief Medical Officer to assist in preventing and reducing the spread of the virus.  

Cypress County recognizes that there may be county residents who may not have the support of other family members or neighbours to pick up groceries on their behalf.  

Therefore, Cypress County is prepared to provide assistance, while the COVID-19 Pandemic threat exists, by picking up and delivering groceries (ordered online and paid for by the resident) to County residents through the Go For Groceries Program.  
Media Releases
Our top priority is of the health, safety, and well-being of the public and our employees. We are focusing on maintaining essential services that County residents rely on. In our operations, we have developed strategies on how to best mitigate the risk of the virus to our workforce. As further operational decisions are made, we will be making announcements to the public.  

What County services are online?