Fire Permit Request

Fire permits are FREE, and valid for three days from the date of issue. The only exceptions are recreational fires and burn barrels with a fitted screen.

If there is no form below, it's because the permits have been temporarily turned off.

In order to ensure that residents have a clear understanding of the Fire Permitting process, a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers have been compiled. Fire Permit FAQ

The issuance of the fire permit is subject to the availability of the County’s Emergency Services Senior Fire Administration to review and authorize the permit to be issued.  Therefore, the public is advised to pre-plan and submit their burn permit application requests accordingly.

Be aware that the permit system will send you an automated email one the request has been received, then again after it has been approved. CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL FOLDER. If you know how to exempt an address from your junk folder, the sending address is