South East Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association

 SEABRCWA is an all-volunteer, community-based service organization working in partnership with the Redcliff and Bow Island RCMP. Their focus is on a safer rural community. Crime of any nature is unwelcome. To distinguish rural crime from urban crime seems unnecessary, but rural crime is different. Rural crime brings to mind agriculture and family farms, sparsely populated areas and a sense of community where the people know one another and act accordingly. Unfortunately, fewer people in rural areas leaves open various opportunities for criminal elements. While rural areas have less crime than their urban counterparts, they also have more crime than they did in the past, and their crime problems are serious. It is up to the neighbours and family members to be ever-vigilant about what happens a few miles down the road. The goal is to increase and strengthen crime prevention activities in Cypress County, County of Forty Mile, and its municipalities through broad citizen participation. SEABRCWA hold regular meetings with helpful crime prevention information from the RCMP and other sources, everyone is welcome.

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Crimestoppers Toll Free Tip Line: 1 (800) 222-8477